This is who we are:

The Racecar Factory Spec Late Model Series has put together a group of people from all aspects of racing to represent the series.

  • Race Car Manufacturer to insure the series cars stay true to form and keep the manufactured integrity..
  • Team Owner to give each team owner a voice in the decision making of the series and to insure their interest is kept in mind.
  • Driver of the series to give all the drivers a voice in the rules and decisions affecting all aspects of driving a Spec Late Model. 
  • Tech Inspector that knows the racecars inside and out to make sure the "Spec" series racecars stays inline with the rules.
  • Marketing Director to keep all the teams, tracks, news outlets, and sponsors up-to-date on all the events and news of the series.

With these people overseeing all these areas of this series,

this will be a true Spec series that you can depend on.

Manufacturer Representative - Jeff Schrader

Owner and director of RaceCar Factory in Irwindale California, Jeff has been building racecars for over 35 years, also is a team member and crew Chief for NASCAR® K&N Pro Series West.

Jeff Schrader

Owner Representative - Tim Huddleston

Owner of High Point Racing, Based out of Simi Valley, California, High Point Racing is a multi-level driver development program. For 20 years the company has developed drivers in the Bandolero, Legend, S2, and the Late Model divisions. High Point Racing has something to offer for all levels of experience. They strive to advance drivers in their careers, and do everything they can to encourage them and work with them as they progress through the ranks.

Tim Huddleston

Driver Representative - TBA


Series & Marketing Director - Bud Budavari

Former ASA Speed Truck racer, official and TV spotter. Nine seasons as a spotter for drivers from pure rookies to NASCAR® Sprint Cup® drivers. Also raced mini stocks, skid plate cars and winner of a four cylinder modified race in Madera in 2008.