Another great announcement for the series! Five Star Race Car Bodies has joined with the Racecar Factory Spec Late models as the "Official Race Car Body" of the Spec Late Model series and joins a growing list of great racing companies to partner with the series for 2016. Please check out their link

State-of-the-Art Facility- Fresh, Innovative Designs-Affordable Technology-Product Testing-Uncompromising Quality

The Five Star Mission:

  • To continue in the forefront of creating original body designs and innovative body accessories.
  • To continue to maintain a huge inventory for immediate shipment.
  • To consistently offer uncompromising quality.
  • To provide the ultimate in service to each and every one of our valued customers.

This unwavering philosophy has built Five Star's reputation for over 35 years and ensures that we will maintain our leadership in the automotive racing industry now & in the future.

Five Star is committed to total customer satisfaction by supplying consistent high quality, best in class products at competitive prices.


  • Continual innovation of original products, technologies, processes and ideas.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work place while protecting the environment we live in.
  • Continued training and education, applying best practices in all areas of work.
  • Solving problems using a team approach while never settling for, or accepting, mediocrity.
  • Open-mindedness towards change, diversity and growth.
  • Ensuring that Five Star’s Quality Management System is maintained and reviewed for improvement on a regular basis.

We welcome Hoosier Racing Tires as our official tire for the Racecar Factory Spec Late Model Touring Series, Hoosier Racing Tire has been on our race cars since the beginning and with a great tire they product will continue to be the tire of choice for the future. The 970 tire has such a great tread life that it is one of the most economical tire you can run on pavement ovals. Check out their website and try Hoosier racing tires next time you need a race tire.

The manufacturing process is all about consistency. The goal of Hoosier's manufacturing process is to maintain a supply of consistent, high quality race tires that the consumer can rely on at an affordable price. We feel with our dedicated and talented staff, our continuous testing and re-testing of raw materials and the product in the field, and our high-tech, climate controlled environments where each step of the process is carefully monitored, charted and controlled, the product we produce will be consistent, affordable, and available to all our valued customers. So, regardless whether a tire was made in June or January, Monday or Friday, noon or midnight, our customers can expect consistency and reliability to be built into all our products. Hoosier tires are proudly "Made in the USA" and truly are.

Rogers Poultry & Provisions has been a family owned and operated business for over 85 years best known for producing the finest poultry products available. Established in 1927 with a humble beginning in the LA Farmers Market, Rogers had a vision of one day being an industry leader. Today, we’re proud to operate three state-of-the-art processing and distributions centers in the greater Los Angeles area and to be regarded as an industry leader by both our customers and our peers.

They have come a long way since 1927 expanding both facilities and product lines to include not only the finest custom poultry processing program but also top quality meat, seafood, dairy and grocery programs. " We feel privileged to have earned the respect of our industry and to have built such long standing relationships servicing some of the finest restaurants, hotels, foodservice customers and distributors in Southern California, Hawaii, Nevada and Arizona."

Please check out their website and find out more information:

Another great racing partner to our series is DJ SAFETY

DJ Safety, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing corporation which designs and produces safety equipment for a variety of industries including: Aerospace, Aviation, Film, Racing and Theme Parks. The company was founded in 1996 by Navy Lieutenant Commander Joseph Hansen Retired and his wife Darlene (Deist) Hansen. Their goal was and continues to be a niche for high-level design engineering applications in specific Industries.In 2000, the company expanded its operations to include the manufacturing arena to complement Joe Hansen’s engineering services. Safety is a major public, commercial and government concern affecting product design, manufacturing and usage. DJ Safety offers a variety of the standard and “made to order” safety products The company has been successfully designing safety products for 15 years and manufacturing them for 11 years. If you need help with your racing gear please call and ask for Loren at (323) 221-0000

Address: 2623 N. San Fernando Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90065-1316, Sales:

Fax: (323) 221-0001

DJ Safety Catalog here: 2016 Catalog

Call us at 626.256.3322

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