The Racecar Factory Spec Late Models have been around for years

Starting in 2009 to 2012 at Irwindale Speedway the first year was Sponsored by Langers Juice, then in 2013 the Series was headed by the SRl race group and began touring with the SRL and became one of the most exciting touring racing series with close door to door four wide racing. Now for 2016 the series is a self managed series run by some of the industries best in chassis design, race prep and setup and driver development..

This division was created to allow a youngster moving up from legend cars or go-karts to have an opportunity to gain experience and also allow a veteran driver to race a more affordable race car. The concept behind this new car is to use the most economical parts and establish rules that keep the cost down. The idea is to offer a full size race car with a lot of the same ideas that has made legend cars successful nationwide.

One car and one set of rules everywhere.


  • BODY - Fivestar Sportsman S2 body with rear wing and plastic nose, tail, fenders and quarter panels for durability
  • CHASSIS - Fully fabricated tubular spec chassis built with larger drivers area for increased safety
  • SUSPENSION - Coil over front and rear suspension for ease of adjustment and performance
  • SHOCKS - Sealed spec shocks
  • ENGINE - 350 horsepower iron head factory sealed crate engine
  • CARBURETOR - Stock "out of the box" Holley 4 barrel. No touch part
  • CLUTCH -  10.5" street stock clutch with hydraulic throw out bearing for durability
  • TRANSMISSION -  Sealed 3 speed OEM transmission with steel bell-housing
  • REAR END -Sealed mini spool rear gear in full floating 9" housing
  • WHEELS - Circle 15" x 8" black or chrome 4" back space standard wheel
  • TIRES - Hoosier 970 racing tire allows great racing as well as affordability
  • FUEL CELL - 8 gallon fuel cell - enough to run 40 lap main events

New for 2016

Rear spoiler replaces the wing and the exhaust now exits the side door panel.










M-F 7a–4p
Sa 7a–11a